Ron Paul Manifesto Drops Today, All Humans Must Buy Eight Copies

It is April 30, D-Day, and this means that Ron Paul's book hit Borders and Barnes & Noble and the -3 other book store chains across the globe over 17 hours ago! HOW MANY COPIES DO YOU HAVE ALREADY? We have three (million). It is the #1 bestseller on and out of 106 customer reviews, 104 have given it five stars, one has given it four stars and one fascist has given it three measly stars. The three-star review comes from "J. Davis" in San Diego, California. We assume that he was suspiciously found dead within minutes of posting his nuanced take. But what are the other members of the Ron Paul literati saying about the Manifesto? Let's run through the best comments from!

  • "I think it is fair to say that Ron Paul has risked his life by identifying the essential elements by which the power √©lite controls our lives."
  • "Three books in particular support his angry denunciation of how Congress--both Republican and Democratic--has allowed the Executive to attack our civil liberties, sustain executive warmaking never intended by the Founding Fathers, and precipitated an unprecedented financial crisis. Congress standing still for "signing statements" [and I would add, for morons like Gonzalez that give all Latinos a bad name], is the last straw."
  • "He labels the neoconservatives as false conservatives."
  • "What can I say to such a clear and concise look at politics today within America. Refreshing, honest, and inspirational. I would march on his orders, I would take a bullet for the man, not for who he is, but for what he stands for, FREEDOM!!!!!!"
  • "This book will go down in history as a turning point in America's heading."
  • "I learned a lot from this book. It is not an "easy" read, as he is trying to teach a few things that one has to go over a few times to actually understand."
  • "I just finished reading Jim Cramers Stay Mad For Life and I thought that was going to be the best book I have ever read well that was until I baught THE REVOLUTION by Ron Paul this book is a must read for everyone once you open it up and read the first couple of pages you wont set the book down until you finish so set aside a couple hours kick back and relax because you are about to read you new favorite book of all time."
  • "I have been a long time Amazon customer. And this is my first ever review( okay, I do like my Juicer)..Why?. The time is NOW to listen to what Ron paul has brought to the table for many, many years. I was like a kid at Christmas. I was not expecting this book until early May. I was so exited when the Amazon Box appeared on my Porch. I jumped in to it right away. I plan on getting some more copies to send out as gifts."
  • "Ron Paul is to Washington what Dave Ramsey is to personal finance."
  • "I'm a very enthusiastic Ron Paul supporter, so of course I had to buy several copies of the book along with the audio version. Having the audio allows me to listen to his common sense while I work, while also broadcasting those ideas in my shop to all of my daily customers, hence spreading the message effortlessly. An additional instance occurred as I witnessed my daughter(she's nine) listening to the audio cd's in private with her earphones, while reading along; a great way to expand her economic vocabulary!"

Well, that gets us through page 4 of 11. Those comments are to what Dave Ramsey is to personal finance.

The Revolution: A Manifesto []


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