Ron Paul Probably Not As Racist As This Other Guy

rp.jpgPaultards are still up in arms trying to figure out who wrote the crazy, conspiratorial, racist screeds that were published in "The Ron Paul Report," a newsletter that went out to God even knows who for almost 30 years. The New Republic posted the tirades last week, but it wasn't the newsletters that hurt Paul as much as his total inability to not sound like a racially insensitive tool on CNN that destroyed his status as the presumptive GOP nominee for president and a shoe-in to the White House in November. Paultarded fingers nonetheless point to Dr. Congressman Paul's former chief of staff, Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., as the likely (and definitely, totally only) racist in their midst. With a name like that, dude's got to be a racist. [TNR]


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