And then Dr. Paul chopped off motherfucking George Washington's motherfucking head!There are so many fun "Internet boards" where you can learn what the Ron Paul fans are really thinking about these days, now that a few of them are slowly starting to realize Dr. Congressman is never going to be the president of anything, not even World of Warcraft. For example, on the BBS called "Godlike Productions," the people have a great idea about what to do with all those millions of dollars they donated to Dr. Paul's campaign: Make a Hollywood movie about what RP would've done, had he somehow become president.

Here's how the grand idea was hatched:

Ron Paul should take some of the money that was donated to him and make "Ron Paul: The Movie"! It would tell the story of what he would have accomplished during his presidency. This would get his message out a hundred times better than other method in today's culture.

In your opinion, what's the plot of the movie?

Here's how the little Jerry Bruckheimers responded:

* Ron Paul ends the Iraq war. Ron Paul closes Homeland Security. Ron Paul closes the federal reserve and starts printing real money. Ron Paul closes the IRS. This would be a good chance for non-Paulites to be introduced to Paulite values and the meaning of the constitutional principals that made our country great.

* Ron Paul: Exposes chemtrails, Fema Camps and above all 9/11.

* the plot is TpTB set up a candidate with the right ideals and speech that the people wanted to hear. Then they asked for donations. What the people didnt know was they had been fooled once again. TPTB had set up a scheme to see how many people there were against them. Now that they know the numbers, the "candidate" has dropped out. TPTB have kept the people millions of donated dollars and now have their number through "The System." Eventually the opposers will get wat is coming to them by TPTB.

* Who would play ron paul in the big screen version? paul newman?

* (open on a country road establishing shot...): Dr. Ron Paul (played by Verne Troyer): drives around, smoking weed in a mini-Cooper with his delegates to the Republican National Convention in the back seat. the end.

* great about this for a unknown career politician gets recruited by the republican national commitee to run a must fail campaign....they hire campaign staff at mental hospitals from around the country, and aim for support from the "shut-in, overweight, acne scarred, online role playing gamer" using such compelling campaign slogans as "money bomb", "tea party", and "the blimp is landing", they manage to captivate their chosen constituency, while completely alienating all others....i can see the final shot before the credits now...a 12 way split screen, showing the righteously indignant supporters alternately typing "we was robbed", and gobbling "doublestuft oreos" while chugging soymilk......oscar caliber stuff...

Ron Paul: The Movie [Godlike Productions]


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