Ron Paul Will End His Campaign, Again, And Start New Campaign!

Thanks to commenter "floraway" forruining all of our fun and linking to an article about Ron Paul's big announcement tonight, which will be that he is ending his presidential campaign for the 80th time in order to launch a new campaign, for Liberty. As far as we can tell, that Olde English shit is the official logo for Dr. Congressman Paul's latest gig, which, as per usual, will be a scam to take your Gas Money. You can read his (premature) concession letter at the Campaign for Liberty's website. It is notable for overtly publicizing his glorious new book, Ron Paul's Manifesto Pool Party. Anyway, let's see how our old pals at Ron Paul Forums are taking the news. Is this just another Main Stream Media conspiracy?

Well, this should suffice:

(Honestly, the Hilltards are so much better these days.)

Ron Paul to End Campaign, Launches New Effort [ABC News]

[Ron Paul's Campaign For Liberty]


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