Ron Paul Wins NY Straw Poll, NY a Stupid State

walnuts! or is that romney?Three of the worst things in the world -- Paultards, New York City and Republicans -- combined Tuesday in a digital fantasy world known as the "Metropolitan Republican Club" to vote in the New York State Republican Straw Poll. The results were announced yesterday, and it's clear that some alien spambots must have hacked into the voting system.

Well, either spambots, or Guy Fawkes threatened to blow up the Metropolitan Republican Club if they didn't vote like 'tards. The results:

Ron Paul, 26 votes

Rudy Giuliani, 21

Mitt Romney, 6

John McCain, 4

Mike Huckabee, 2

Duncan Hunter, 1

Fred Thompson, 1 (ha!)

Tom Tancredo, 0

Hey look! Every Republican in New York City showed up.

Ron Paul Wins Straw Vote in New York [NYT via Political Machine]


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