Ron Reagan Not Impressed With Rahm Emanuel's Dancing


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Everybody in America knows exactly three things about Rahm Emanuel: he sent a dead fish once to somebody he did not care for; he is kind of a dick to everyone, but in a good way; and he used to be a dancer. But but! Some important details regarding that third point have come to light -- details that the American electorate has a right to know.

First off, he did not just do ballet! He did modern dance, too.

Second and most importantly, he was never as advanced a dancer as Ron Reagan, the president's son.

Reagan, like Emanuel, is a former dancer. (Emanuel received dance training in high school, and danced for a year at Sarah Lawrence after turning down a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet School; as a freshman, he appeared in a modern-dance piece called “Desire.”) Reagan, who was a professional dancer for four years, didn’t completely buy the comparison: “I’m not trying to knock him or anything, but, O.K., it’s like if I’m a well-known actor—not a big star, but I appear in movies—and you’re talking about someone who was in the drama club in high school.”

Oh ho ho ho, Ron Reagan is a diva. Really though, and here is the important part, in that YouTube up there at the beginning of this post, Barack Obama makes a funny joke about Rahm Emanuel adapting Machiavelli's The Prince for dance. It is good this tape did not come to light before the election, because it is INCENDIARY.

Emanuel in Full [New Yorker]

Political Roast : Obama Emauel 2005 [YouTube]


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