Roland Burris Releases Tape Of Blagojevich's Brother Chatting Pleasantly With Sonia The Mexican


  • Legal "gossipeuse" Jeffrey Rosen has responded to all those conservatives who are now using his Sotomayor article as the anti-Sotomayor Bible, on teevee: "This willfully misreads both my piece and the follow-up response." Who knew! [TNR/The Plank]
  • A new CNN poll hypothesizes that Colin Powell is more likable than Dick Cheney or Rush Limbaugh, which means Colin Powell is probably now popular enough to successfully run for student council. [CNN Political Ticker]
  • Larry Craig should be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, but he isn't, because the Gays don't shriek and leap about and play the Ranchera on the White House lawn like the Mexicans do. [AMERICAblog]
  • A committee of ethical senators will be allowed to listen to a taped conversation between Rod Blagojevich's brother and Rookie of the Year Senator Roland Burris, provided that 18 minutes of the tape is deleted beforehand, because that's the only proper way to release a tape. [The Caucus]
  • Barack Obama has added Saudia Arabia to his upcoming trip to Yurp and Egypt because he's always wanted to see Mexico in the summer. [FP/The Cable]

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