Ronald Reagan Also Had Good Ideas About Shoes

Stay classy!Peggy Noonan sees the world through a special pair of eyes -- eyes that were pried out of Ronald Reagan's head just moments after he tragically passed away in 1989. How do we know this? Because a women's website asked Peg about shoes. asked this Question of the Day of many old rich ladies such as Liz Smith, Candice Bergan and Marlo Thomas: "Change your shoes, change your life. Is there any truth to this idea for you?"

Also, they asked Peggy Noonan, who is still recovering from the shock of going through airport security and seeing a Mexican. But brave Peggy is always ready to drop some of her stone-crazy prose, and she's always ready to somehow make it about Reagan, no matter the actual subject:

Here is her complete answer to the question about the old saying about shoes:

No. And no one thinks there's truth in it; it's just a playful saying. But I once got good advice on shoes from Ronald Reagan, and I'll share it. His father was a shoe salesman, and he told his son that when a day is going to go long, into the night, he should try to bring along an extra pair of shoes so he could change into them and give his feet a new shape to fit into. Sort of leaves your dogs, as they used to say, feeling refreshed. This actually works and is true.

Jesus christ ....

Question of the Day [WowOwow]


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