Ronald Reagan Church Camp, 'The Other Woman,' And Ever So Many Happy Nice Time Links (With Cheerleader Vag)


Dearly beloved, let us tell you all about all the Happy links we've gathered here today.

We finally bit the bullet and watched that Sarah Palin reality teevee show thingy. Thank us later.

Come watch the Ballad of Cliven Bundy, as performed by Stephen Colbert.

There's a new techbro piece of shit dude in town, and he's a girlfriend-beater, but he still gets to keep his sweet-ass tech gig, and also not go to jail.

We learned about how to pray about Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush at church camp.

Why not learn how to wash your vagina if you are a cheerleader, as taught by the Buffalo Bills?

We went and saw the movie The Other Woman when we were sober. Our first mistake was being sober.

Can't stop won't stop sideboob.


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