Ronan Farrow, Glenn Beck Both Support Bullied 9-Year-Old Brony; Can Middle East Peace Be Far Behind?


Just wait til he hears about Bilderberg Pony...Liberal lovegod Ronan Farrow and weird political freakshow Glenn Beck don't agree on much of anything, but here's a Kumbayah, We Are The World moment for you: both say bullying a 9-year-old boy who likes My Little Pony is bad, and if boys want to like a cartoon "for girls," that's actually just fine, thanks.

By now you may have already heard about Grayson Bruce, the 9-year-old in Asheville, North Carolina, who was bullied at school for carrying a lunchbox with My Little Pony character Rainbow Dash on it -- we know you've heard about him, because you keep sending the story to the tipline. The school administration's brilliant response was to tell the bullied kid to leave the lunchbox at home, since it was creating a "distraction." And then the Internet got ahold of the story, and within the last week it's all over the place; a "Support for Grayson" Facebook page is getting all sorts of traffic (including tweeted messages of support from the current show's creator, Lauren Faust, and from head writer Meghan McCarthy), and suddenly both Ronan Farrow and Glenn Beck have run stories featuring Grayson, his mom, and his troublemaking Rainbow Dash lunchbox. We shall watch those.


Doktor Zoom

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