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Jay Rosen is an official, licensed expert on New Media, Old Media, Blogs, Newspapers, and Getting His Name Out There. In a lengthy interview with Rachel Sklar, late of FishbowlNY, he reiterates his recent claim that the Washington Post has become (more or less by default) the best newspaper in America.

Does WaPo's recent retreat from online transparency change your evaluation of its star power/staying power at the top?

Nope. Problems teach you what you can and cannot have. What you know and don't know. Based on what I know of Brady's regime, he is going to keep moving forward.

Look, if the best scandal that the Post can come up with is that they deleted comments from a blog, can they really be the nation's top paper? I mean, the Times has three bigger scandals than that break daily between their early and late editions.

We must admit, though, that we were unable to make a compelling argument against Rosen -- not because of his superior knowledge of the media industry, but because we were distracted by the interview's accompanying photographs, more of which are presented after the jump.

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PressThinking with Jay Rosen: The Times of Our Times, and Other Media Preoccupations [FishbowlNY]


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