Roses Are Red, Dana Is Zuul, Let's All Thank These Dudes For Staying Out Of The Gene Pool

Roses Are Red, Dana Is Zuul, Let's All Thank These Dudes For Staying Out Of The Gene Pool

As you know, today is Valentine's Day! But did you know that today is ALSO International MGTOW Day? Yeah, no, probably not.

In case you are not hep to the MGTOWS, they are a segment of the manosphere consisting of Men Going Their Own Way. Which is to say that they refuse to get married or even date women, for we are all evil hoo-ers out to steal all the money that they ever, ever had. At least in their case, as they are by and large incredibly unattractive and unpleasant, and thus have literally nothing else to offer.

These men they will not be cucks who celebrate Cuck's Day, which is what they call Valentine's Day, no Siree! Rather, they are like this guy who is not going to buy you a drink, even if you cry and beg him and promise him all the sex.

They are, by far, my personal favorite manosphere group, because although they hate women just as much as the rest of them do, they at least have the decency to not persist in trying to fuck us. Also because they are fucking hilarious.

For instance, here is the MGTOW trailer for International MGTOW Day, 2017:

It tells the story of a Prince who asked a Princess to marry him, and she said no, and then he had a super great life 'cause he could like, ride motorcycles and go to rock shows and, uh, do other stuff that a woman would never let him do, because we all hate both rock shows and motorcycles a lot.

Now, I am not a big Valentine's Day person and could give a crap about most holidays other than Groundhog Day (the only holiday where either everyone is happy or everyone is sad), in general. In fact, I'm actually doing Valentine's Day tomorrow rather than today, because it is way easier to get a reservation, plus all of the candy will be on special. But there is something really amazing about the way MGTOWs celebrate it, and how they think they are punishing all the ladies by not Valentinesing them.

Like this guy, who is happy that the girl he liked in high school is possibly unhappy in life!

Happy MGTOW day!

As I drove to work and passed my highschool crush sitting on her porch, I remembered she has a second baby coming by a second baby daddy, and I’m not one of them.

Gonna make wings tonight. Deep fried. Louisiana sauce. Crushed red peppers and a touch of lemon pepper.

And a case of beer in the fridge. Cheers to an easy life!!

And this guy, who, um... honestly I don't know?

Fucking best day ever. Bet fucking flower shops and jewellery shops will have a big whinge on sales been down . Sucked in bitches for been such a pack of cunts . I would like to thank you though for the entertainment PROVIDED for me today while at my local shopping center . PROVIDED PROVIDED FOR ME . Eat that up like you would your friends pussy .

Mangina’s you are going to cop shit no matter what you brought for your master . Enjoy fuckwits.

And this guy, who totally showed the woman at the supermarket cash register who is sometimes nice to him!

I just came back from getting groceries. The way I see it, a MGHOW does his grocery shopping at night. No lineups.

The store I go to has GIGANTIC strawberries dipped in dark chocolate … a package of 4 with a red bow on them. Bigger than your fist. What the fuck. I bought them for myself. Yummy. I just ate two.

On my way to the cash, a 50s blonde “checkout girl” who I see there regularly took a double take because I have a short beard right now, and she didn’t recognize me. She has SLIGHTLY flirted with me in the past. “How’s my boyfriend today”….. and comments like that.

I pulled the box of chocolate strawberries out of my hand basket first, handed them to her and said “these are for you….. “

( she froze with mouth agape )

“….. to ring in first”.

She instantly deflated, and rolled her eyes.

I smiled all the way home.

And this guy, who is going to have some chicken fingers:

Yes, I spoke to a woman this morning about her Cuck’s Day plans. It involved her being taken to a high end restaurant and catered to by her cuck.

She asked me about my plans. I told her I was spending time with my dog and making my special beer batter chicken fingers just for myself. One never feeds a Beagle from the table.

I pity you. I really do.

Is he saying that women are beagles? I'm not sure! Anyway, they are pretty sure that all the ladies out there are very disappointed in the fact that they don't get to have romantic Valentimes with them, or any special beer batter chicken fingers, even. And all the cucks are jealous of them, because they have to go hang out with women who aren't even made of plastic or pillow material, and then get laid. Just like the jerks that they are.

Love us? Why don't you prove it?


Robyn Pennacchia

Robyn Pennacchia is a brilliant, fabulously talented and visually stunning angel of a human being, who shrugged off what she is pretty sure would have been a Tony Award-winning career in musical theater in order to write about stuff on the internet. Follow her on Twitter at @RobynElyse


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