Round 40 Bazillion Of Franken/Coleman Death Match Commences Today


Nobody in Minnesota even cares about this dumb recount deal anymore, they would be happy to have as their second senator Jesse Ventura in a tutu and a stocking cap, but Norm Coleman and Al Franken still want "the courts" to decide the election that happened seven months ago: you know, the one that hinges on like fourteen votes because neither candidate was really any more popular than the other. Ugh.

So today's drama takes place in the Minnesota Supreme Court, where justices are "grilling" both sides. Maybe they will come up with a decision in ... October? That'll be well after Justice Sotomayor and her judicial activism have declared the state of Minnesota unconstitutional and sent Governor Pawlenty to a slave camp on Easter Island. Ditto Coleman and Franken. PROBLEM SOLVED.

Minnesota Supremes Grill Coleman Lawyer On Lack Of Evidence [TPM DC]

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In which the Unite The Right organizer's dad tells him to get out of his room.


Jason Kessler is not having a good week. First, no one came to his special white people party in Washington, D.C. There were like, thirty people there, in total -- which is far fewer people than congregated this weekend in almost any place in America that is not a private residence.

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