Rove, Libby to Be Charged With. . .Uhm, Something?

Raw Story is reporting that Fitzgerald will grace indictments on--we hope you're sitting down--Scooter Libby and Karl Rove. Citing the usual "lawyers close to the investigation"--evidently locked out during a lunch break--the Rawsters claim that Rove will catch an obstruction count, and that Scooter is looking at perjury and obstruction. They waffle, though, on the key question of whether anyone was violating the 1982 Intelligence Identities act that originally set this whole crazy caravan in motion. First they claim that Fitzgerald believes Scooter broke the law, but then they issue this closing disclaimer:

The grand jury had not decided whether to make indictments at the time this article was published. It appears more likely that the jury would hand down indictments of perjury and obstruction than a charge that Plame was outed illegally.

Really, now. Must every aspect of this story be swathed in ambiguous intrigue? If Fitzgerald believes Scooter dropped the covert dime on Valerie P., then why not charge the snake? Also, what's all this talk about the grand jury "making" the indictments? Will they be delivered in the form of an oversized homemade greeting card to the special prosecutor? Until this can be explained somewhat simply, we're grabbing another round of bourbon with our own cadre of lawyers close to the investigation.

Fitzgerald Asks Jury for Rove, Libby Indictments, Lawyers Say [Raw Story]


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