Rove Takes Aim at Barry's COUGH COUGH BLACK COUGH Basketball Days

* "Brutal attack ads from 527s led by Arkansas crazies" is the new "black baby" in South Carolina. [TPM Election Central]

* Karl Rove's use of "basketball" and "lazy" is like 10x worse than "shuck and jive." [TPM]

* Bill Richardson wants to be everyone's kissy veep. [Politico]

* Rick Santorum: John McCain is unelectable because of his goddamn centrism and crossover appeal, things which would've lost me that election in 2006 by like 20 points! [Firedoglake]

* Not "worried" that Bloomberg will run so much as "pissed that he exists." [MoJo]

* Nevada culinary workers flex even more muscle. [Reuters]


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