Rove to Sing, and Approach Dangerously Close to Fitzgerald's Cage?

Karl Rove is making his fourth command appearance before Patrick Fitzgerald's grand jury, the AP reports. And why is this visit not like the other ones? Well, the special prosecutor has stipulated that he cannot guarantee that Rove will not be in for an indictment. It seems that the DA's manual says that grand jury witnesses must be warned in advance of any possibility that their testimony could play a role ina subsequent indictment. Rove's attorney, Robert Luskin, says that his client has not received any "target letter" from Fitzgerald signalling plans for an indictment, and that Fitzgerald has not indicated to Luskin that any such plans are afoot. Still, it's hard not to think something's afoot--especially given the sudden, 11th-hour nature of this visitation from Bush's brain. Has Scooter Libby prepared a cache of morale-boosting poetic invocations of the Western plains for Rove to savor from his cell? Aspens are turning within aspens, man.

Rove Said to Testify in CIA Leak Case [Salon; cf. earlier note re. ultramercial and site redesign]


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