rabbit.jpgHe was a mild-mannered peanut farmer from Georgia with lust in his heart. She was a confused Middle East state violently divided by religion. Together, they dreamed of a better day. Jimmy Carter: The Movie! Coming soon to a theater near you!

Sure, the movie preemed in September at the Toronto Film Festival, but that was just for Peter Bart's minions at Variety and other trade pubs. And, you know, Canadians. But now us regular folks get to behold the magic that is Jimmy. Later this month, dovetailing with Carter's groupie-packed book tour, director Jonathan Demme rolls out "Jimmy Carter, Man From Plains." We fully expect the pic to address that whole rabbit attack thing during a fishing trip back in the 1970s ("It was menacingly hissing at me!" Don't worry, Mr. President. Didn't, like everyone do mescaline back then?). For the rest of the documentary, Carter gives lengthy dissertations on the horrors of Guinea worms, nuclear war and fixed elections. Exciting!

Jimmy Carter the Book Tour (Soon to be a Major Motion Picture) [The New York Times]


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