Roy Blunt Uses Smoldering 9/11 Ruins In Mosque Ad, Which Is a Gaffe Apparently


Missouri Republican Senate candidate Roy Blunt put up this Web ad yesterday, featuring audio from his opponent, Robin Carnahan, and a single Ken Burns-effected photo of the smoldering ruins of the World Trade Center. Wow, this is such a cute ad! How did he accomplish this cuteness without the use of kittens? So this is a gaffe, apparently, and it was taken down. But the Blunt campaign has since put out the exact same ad with a different image, that of Obama and Carnahan. Our head of state, you see, is a Muslim who wants to take over America with his terrorism, and that, that is not a gaffe in today's America, but rather good politics.

You get it? Obama is not allowed to say he is a Christian like every other president of the United States. He's lying! We don't have to give the same deference to this president, because he is black and has a weird name, so people don't mind if we say he's an evil foreign menace. There's no gaffe there. You can say whatever the fuck you want about him! Thus, THIS IS HIS MOSQUE.

And also you can conflate American Muslims with terrorists and imply that they actually hate their country and want to destroy it. They're a small minority, so who cares if you incite hatred and violence against them? That's one of the most fun tactics ever used in American history! Retro!

This is just so goddamn cute! The only way Roy Blunt could make it cuter is if he taped a knife to the widdle hand of a white baby and made it stab it into a brown baby. [Plum Line]


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