Rrrow Catfight! Assortment Of Dems Don't Want Caroline Kennedy To Take Hillary's Seat

Rrrow Catfight! Assortment Of Dems Don't Want Caroline Kennedy To Take Hillary's Seat

Hillary Clinton may have"worked like an animal" to win her Senate seat, but she also had crazy awesome name recognition due to her years-long sham marriage to international playboy Bill Clinton. Now Caroline Kennedy wants to be the next junior senator from New York, because why not? She is a Kennedy, after all, which means she gets whatever she wants, as long as it involves booze and suspended prison terms.

BLECH. You know this silly thing that this gal wrote? Exactly.

Caroline is our tragic national princess. She is not locked away in a tower but chooses, for the most part, to closet herself there. Her mother dies, too young. Her impossibly handsome brother crashes his plane, killing himself, his wife and his sister-in-law. She is the last survivor of her immediate family; she reveals herself only in the measured doses of a person who has always been, will always be, in the public eye.

Sorry dood! That is a good character for a movie, not a good politician.

Anyway, Andrew Cuomo, Caroline Kennedy's cousin's ex-husband, doesn't think she would be a very good senator either. And since the Cuomos are sort of the Kennedys of New York, somebody should make a movie about him, too.

"I've known Caroline for years. I have a high opinion of her, but that's going to be up to the governor," said Cuomo, who also is being considered by Gov. Paterson to replace Clinton, but indicated he's not interested.

A reporter later yelled at Cuomo, "Good duck" - to which Cuomo responded, "Thank you."

Ha ha ha and also a prominent Clinton fundraiser said "we're not a state of dynasty," which is probably news to HILLARY FUCKING CLINTON.

A Vote for Senator Caroline [Washington Post]



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