What better surrogate for McCain to whore out to reporters during a financial crisis than Rudy Giuliani, who personally... uh... made Wall Street have lots of liquidity or something on 9/11, with his bullhorn. Today's conference call sounds like it was even funnier than 9/11, and that's saying something.

Rudy was asked (3) questions.

The first was about the bailout and he said something about saving the economy again.

The second question was from THIS GUY HA HA HA, who "asserted that Tina Fey, many reporters, and the Democrats make their living 'embellishing the facts.'" Do you think he understands that Tina Fey is a comedian, whose job is to "embellish facts?" (Also, what was so funny about Fey's latest SNL parody of Sarah Palin was that she used a majority of Palin's OWN WORDS from the first Katie Couric interviews.) His question was, "I guess my question is, do the American people want a straight-shooter or the fluff and stuff?" We so want to subscribe to this Chuck Pardee's RSS feed, but he of course does not have such technology available. Sad.

The final question came from a gal named Sherry Riggs who is presumably unemployed and needed the $50 or whatever the McCain campaign paid her for this:

She took exception to Giuliani's claim from earlier in the call that Obama had never managed a budget. A hard-hitting question? Not really. Riggs insisted that Obama had indeed managed a budget "with William Ayers" when they both sat on the board of the Woods Fund years ago. According to Riggs, Obama and Ayers funded projects that were "socialistic in nature" with a $450 billion treasure chest.

Hooray for media relations strategy! This sly little maneuver will get everyone GOOGLING or ASKING JEEVES "Who is William Ayers," and then they'll find out that he BOMBED SHIT. This is called VIRAL... NEWS.

It's kind of funny how conservative pundits or strategists or whatever whine incessantly about how the media won't dig into Obama's relationship with William Ayers when your Wonkette editors have read at least 10,000 articles about "OBAMA'S TERRORIST FRIEND" every day for the last six months. William Ayers has been brought up already! In debates! No one really cares! Maybe.

McCain Campaign Takes The Hard Questions [Mother Jones]


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