Rudy Giuliani: Stupid or Senile?

While there's widespread concern about the age and possible infirmity of John McCain, who is running for President despite being 107 years old, less has been said about the apparent early-onset dementia of his younger, more rat-like opponent, Rudolph Giuliani.

Rudy has apparently lost his mind, if his responses to routine questions about Terri Schiavo (remember her? Rudy doesn't!) are any indication.

GIULIANI: I think we should let it rest. And I think that case got a tremendous amount of attention. My general view is you should do everything you can to keep somebody alive unless they have expressed a strong interest in not having very, very special things done; extraordinary things done. Obviously, you gotta do the ordinary and regular things and even some of the extraordinary things that's a legal matter and when you get into the area of discretion, as best we can tell we should follow the wishes of the person and their loved ones and in that particular case it was a dispute. So I think it was a tough case for everybody. I think it was a tough case for people on one side, tough case for people on the other, because the intentions weren't, weren't clear. Had the intentions been clear, maybe it've been an easier case.

To sum up:

* You should do everything you can to keep someone alive.

* But maybe not necessarily "very, very special things."

* But you should do "some of the extraordinary things."

* It was a tough case.

* Had the facts of the situation been entirely different, it would have been an easier case.

* Rudy Giuliani is anti-fetus, pro-vegetable.

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