Rudy Is Talking, IS HE QUITTING?

Not sure yet, but he just made fun of Ron Paul for winning those "telephone voting" things after debates. It was really nasty! Stay tuned.

9:27 -- He said something about New Hampshire, now he's outlining his ENTIRE PLATFORM. This is looking very, very much like he will endorse McCain, and maybe drop out too.
9:30 -- Did he *say* he's quitting, and I missed it? He has said everything else, but not that.
9:32 -- Now MSNBC is showing Mitt, so let's just assume Rudy quit and end this 3-comment liveblog.
9:35 -- Make it 4-comment: He is making an announcement tomorrow about his future, forcing some perfunctory national reporters and photographers to fly to his Quitting Cave to hear the damn word itself. Remember when he made fun of Ron Paul at the beginning of his speech? I am TOO excited to check out Ron Paul Forums now.


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