Rudy Sheds Only the Manliest 9/11-y Tears

Rudy's "Mayor of 9/11" shtick is failing so badly that, out of desperation, he continues to answer every damn question by bringing up his connection to 9/11 despite its exponentially decreasing utility. Yay for sticking to a strategy! When asked about Hillary crying, OF COURSE he says he only cried on 9/11 and at the many, many funerals he attended. Has he not noticed? The new word is "change," plus people don't want to be depressed anymore. But Rudy seemingly cannot stop himself. So, Rudy, honey, a word to the wise: Tourette's sufferers usually try control their verbal and physical tics through a combination of psych meds and therapy. You should try that, if it doesn't interfere with your secret chemo.


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