Rudy's Coke Addict/Coke Dealer Resigns As State Treasurer

Top man! - WonketteA month after he was indicted on federal cocaine-dealing charges, Republican hero Thomas Ravenel has finally resigned as South Carolina's state treasurer and Rudy Giuliani's campaign chairman for the state. The 44-year-old cokehead has, of course, been in rehab for the past month. Because he's a millionaire white Republican, he is going to another rehab next, instead of, you know, spending the rest of his life getting raped in prison:

McCrorey ordered Ravenel to meet with federal probation officers Wednesday. His next court appearance was scheduled for Aug. 21.

Before walking into the courtroom, Ravenel chatted with family members and his attorney, smiling and laughing.

Well done, Thomas Ravenel!

Giuliani's campaign spokesman David "Diaperman" Vitter said they are interviewing various prominent GOP child molesters and mass murderers to potentially take over for Ravenel in South Carolina.

Ravenel Resigns [Palmetto Scoop]


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