Rudy's Plunger Rape Pics Now Password Protected

rudypassword.jpgDavid All notices that Rudy Giuliani's MySpace page, uniquely among the 2008 candidates, is friends only. Rudy needs to check his e-mail, make sure you're not his son Andrew, and then approve you in order for you to check out the limitless sweetness of JoinRudy2008.

And another thing. The last time "Rudy" signed in to myspace was on April 9. Think about all of the friend requests that are just sitting there, lonely in the cue.

In nearly every poll I've seen, Rudy is the Republican front-runner. Let's hope he starts embracing us in the modern world a bit better before it's too late.

In Giuliani's defense, he might be too busy to log on. He made it to the WHCA dinner and hung around Morton's afterwards. He judged it more important to befriend moneyed DC powerbrokers than the MySpace menangerie of high schoolers and pederasts. And who's going to prove him wrong?

Rudy's space is not myspace [TechPresident]

- David Weigel


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