Rudy's Threat: Vote For Me Or I'll Blow Up More Buildings

Rudy Giuliani, speaking before the John Birch society, recently warned America that electing a Democrat in 2008 will practically guarantee another 9/11.

"But if you elect a Republican -- specifically me," Rudy continued, "I can promise America not just one more 9/11, but dozens, maybe hundreds more! Each more patriotic than the last! Some days we'll have two! And I furthermore promise to appear calm and authoritative on televisions across this great nation during each one! Not until the last ash-covered fireman is dragged from the fiery ruins of the Capitol and wrapped in a tattered American flag will this nation truly, finally be free!"

The crowd thundered its approval.

Giuliani warns of 'new 9/11' if Dems win [Politico]


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