Rummy & Cheney 'Over the Top'

Yes, they've really been pulling this shit on America for 35 years - WonketteIt's not news when Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, Greens, non-voters and everybody outside of the United States say the Doom Brothers are "over the top," but it is news (in Washington, at least) when pro-war Republican members of Congress start piling it on the Despotic Duo.

The White House strategy of equating Democratic dissent with defeatism worked during the 2002 and 2004 elections, but it could prove more difficult this time. Some Republicans, such as Rep. Christopher Shays (Conn.), line up with Democrats in seeking a timetable for a withdrawal from Iraq. When Bush and his allies accuse those favoring such a timetable of "self-defeating pessimism," as Cheney put it this week, they risk spraying friendly fire on some of their own candidates.

In an interview yesterday, Shays said the charges by Cheney and Rumsfeld are "over the top" and unhelpful. "The president should be trying to bring the country together and not trying to divide us," he said.

Bush Team Casts Foes as Defeatist [Washington Post]

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