Rumored Closeted Republican Politician of The Week: Richard Nixon!


Dead old racist warmongering anti-Semite misogynist criminal Richard Nixon might also have been a tender lover in the handful of moments in his life when he wasn't up to something terrifying, sayeth a new book! Not to his wife, of course; she, like everyone else in America, was often brutalized by Tricky Dick. No, it seems Nixon may have been a giant self-loathing closet 'mo who found secret happiness in a spirit-marriage to a smarmy Mafia goon he picked up in Florida. According to this book from veteran journalist Don Fulsom, Nixon even gave his special friend his own room at the White House, took him on adorable gay vacations to the Keys and allegedly held hands with him under the dinner table, AW. What else did they do, sing show tunes together?


Due out next month, Fulsom’s racy bio, Nixon’s Darkest Secrets, asserts that Nixon carried on a decades-long affair with Mafia-connected Floridian Charles “Bebe” Rebozo, unquestionably one of the 37th U.S. President’s closest confidants. Rebozo often vacationed with Prez Dick in Key Biscayne, both with Nixon’s wife Pat along and not. During the men-only visits, the twosome reportedly frolicked together in and out of the water, and gushed over their shared passion for Broadway musicals.

We can't really process that last sentence! Next bizarre detail, about Richard Nixon practicing his make-out skills on his military aides, from the Daily Mail:

Fulsom claims one of Nixon's former military aides had a secret job 'to teach the President how to kiss his wife' so they would look like a convincing couple.

How much of this can we believe? Nixon died in 1994 and his reputation is pretty much irredeemable. As with [Clint] Eastwood's [J. Edgar] Hoover film, there is no definitive proof, but plenty of 'supporting evidence'.

Fulsom quotes a former Time magazine reporter who, at a Washington dinner, bent down to pick up a fork and saw the two holding hands under the table. It was, the reporter judged, sufficiently intimate to suggest 'repressed homosexuality'.

Ha ha, "repressed" seems to imply some kind of ambiguity or something. A Republican politician holding hands with another dude under the table at dinner in the 1970s is like the modern-day equivalent of Larry Craig waving his hands around under an airport bathroom stall -- pretty clear cut! [ Mail]


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