Rumors on the Internet: Feingold Fumbles With Moderate's Bra Hook

* You almost had her, Russ. But then you started talking about that time you backpacked through Europe. Dude: Play. It. Cool. [Captain's Quarters]

* So you came on a little strong -- we've all been there. Just have your friends call her friends. And if that doesn't work, steal Dad's Drakkar and call some pissed off bloggers. [DailyKos]

* I don't know what to tell you. I don't know. I just don't know. Seriously though -- thumb, forefinger, snap! Reid'll teach you. [Eschaton]

* We, like, invented "rage," Russ. And the ladies don't like it anymore. Too musky. [Blogs for Bush]

* You may still have a shot with her. Copious application of Old Spice Red Zone = bad, Norelco beard trimmer = good. [The Right Place] via [The Jawa Report]

* Enough with the chicks. Mike Wallace is leaving! Hold me. [Anderson Cooper]


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