Rumors On The Internets: Ain't Much To Do But Blog, Vote, and Screw

  • New media fails Rick Santorum as his two full-time campaign bloggers can't find a link to victory. [Blog P.I.]

  • Regular basement bloggers thankful for self-aggrandizing post-election rant template. [Mr. Sun]

  • One tiny ballot cast for a Democrat, one giant vote for Sean Penn, NAMBLA, the Klu Klux Klan, Pete Seeger, and Kim Jong-Il. [Sweetness & Light]

  • Self styled hipster-minister blames Ted Haggard's gayness on his wife's refusal to strap it on and get the job done. [Pandagon]

  • Supreme Court clerks are in it for the pussy, don't care if you know. [Above The Law]

  • Elvis Aaron Presley: registered voter, Memphis, Tennessee. [Voting in Memphis]

  • Missouri Senate race to be decided by which candidate's pronunciation of the state's name sounds less like a redneck pig-fucker. [The Right Place]

  • Next-to-last day of Katherine Harris's political career goes swimmingly as she is endorsed by the brothers Bush. [The Swamp]

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