* Luckily, Brian Ross already has "DC Madam's" number in his prop phone. [The Blotter]

* Barry Hussein will be in New York stealing money from Hillary all week, enduring what David Letterman calls humor tonight. [NYP]

* Elizabeth Edwards is shocked to find that a "rabid Republican" lives near her barony in North Carolina. [AP]

* Southern states fly flags at half-mast on the death-day of the confederacy. [Lawyers, Guns and Money]

* Tom DeLay is back dropping Hitler-bombs. [A Tiny Revolution]

* Geezers think sound-byte culture destroys political discourse; whipper-snappers can't pay attention to anything longer. [PrezVid]

* Ann Althouse gets The Bends. [Althouse]

* '60s weren't that different really -- same military failures, same unsubtle obscenities. [Worldwide Standard]


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