Rumors On The Internets: Always Robin, Never Batman

* Rudy G. thinks strong early poll numbers mean he gets to play Ronald Reagan. [Captain's Quarters]

* Walnuts McCain deletes his MySpace page, wants to focus on meeting friends IRL. [techPresident]

* Carl "the contrarian" Levin just wants to invade Syria cause everyone else wants Iran. [QandO]

* Bono likes Obama -- surprise fucking surprise. [Shenanigans]

* Turning an MS Office document into a .pdf can turn you from a broke cube-jockey to a baller. [Swampland]

* Do explosions in the night make Dick Cheney wet himself, or just wet? [Rude Pundit]

* Lieberman gets lucky, Politico gets sloppy. [Horse's Mouth]

* Drop fifty-grand on a cause as worthy as smearing John Kerry and all you get is a lousy ambassadorship to Belgium. [HuffPo]


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