Rumors on the Internets: 'America' -- Just Another Euphemism for Bull-dozed Land of Invalids and Illegals

This edition of Rumors marks the end of Intern Sharon's tenure with Wonkette. She got a "real" job, and for that we will never forgive her. If you're interested in being the new Wonkette intern, applications are currently being sorted through. Send yours (sans attachments, please) to us with the subject line "Intern."

  • Lowered expectations: Medicated retirees can learn a thing or two from District bar flies. [Think Progress]

  • We see your Puerto Rico and raise you a pair of Balkin states. [AMERICAblog]

  • Presidential speech-inspired drinking games left everyone sadly sober yesterday. [The Rude Pundit]

  • Greenspan and Gates alliterate with Galt. [the evangelical outpost]

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