Rumors On The Internets: Anti-Miscegenation Laws Made Me Gay

  • "In the debate over homosexual marriage, its proponents often hearken back to the resistance that greeted the effort to emancipate miscegenation." Red State asks you "to consider the dreary tradition that our Liberals established, decidedly without intent, of social misery and deprivation, by their meddling in the delicate structure of the human family." [Red State]

  • Oliver Stone smokes weed, is BFF with conservatives. [Michelle Malkin]

  • Israel called up a few thousand reservists today, and Kevin Drum draws analogy to our invasion of Iraq. "The original plan was to swoop in, destroy Saddam's army, and then withdraw all but a token force within six months. But the rising insurgency made that impossible and three years later we're still there. Likewise, Israel's 1982 invasion of Lebanon was also supposed to be a brief affair, and it ended up lasting 18 years." [Political Animal]

  • "Almost all leakers are lawyers. That's the bottom line." [Romenesko]

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