Rumors On The Internets: As If Working On The Hill Wasn't Humiliating Enough

  • Website launched this morning promising to revolutionize who-buys-who beers at Hill happy hours was crashed by lunchtime, police collecting alibis from all 535 chiefs of staff. [Legistorm via Washington Wire]

  • Summit of Non-Aligned Nations in Havana started with fierce anti-American vitriol, ended with naptime. [Sweetness & Light]

  • The New York Times turns 155 years old today, wants the internet to "respect it's elders, dammit." [Comedy Central]

  • All of Iowa watches Obama drink a beer while Mark Warner is forced to jam steak fries up his nose for attention. [The Carpetbagger Report]

  • Rick Santorum doesn't want anything going in any assholes, thinks Pennsylvania newspapers are what comes out. [E&P]

  • Willie Nelson's tour bus stopped and busted for weed possession, but don't worry, he's on the road again. [Talk Left]

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