Rumors On The Internets: Bao-Chika Wow Wah


* Top Democratic leaders know if you can't get freaky on Valentine's Day, you can't get freaky. [Raw Story]

* Iraqis having a hard time making love not war. [Passport]

* Luckily, they have Google to help them stay alive. Is there anything it can't do? [BBC]

* Libby jurors satirize trial with VD stunt both corny and pointless. [Firedoglake]

* Al Gore's just a little tae-bo away from the White House. [NYO]

* And when Lieberman gets appointed Vice President next week, the bizarro 2000 transformation will be complete. [Martin Frost]

* Republicans worried they'll lose the debate on Iraq if "forced to debate Iraq." [Think Progress]

* FBI's leak investigation team: proudly confirming every leak it investigates. [MoJo]


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