Rumors on the Internets: Blogs Are the New Hastily Scribbled Rally Posters

* Jay Tea urges L.A. protesters to refrain from threat-making; real Americans don't take kindly to it. The blogger compares "immigration advocates" to Seine-side haute protesters, concluding that each group is making unreasonable demands on their respective "system[s]." [Wizbang]

* Michelle Malkin characterizes attendants of the L.A. rally as "divisive militants" and reminds you that their sympathizers lurk in the mainstream. [Michelle Malkin]

* Don Surber believes this is a problem for California -- not Bush -- to solve. Federal resources remain "better invested" in an undisclosed "elsewhere." [Don Surber]

* Glenn Reynolds considers the fates of political parties amidst the "backlash" of the protest march. [InstaPundit]

* Mickey Kaus posits immigration, ripe for GOP finesse, as the hot button issue in the midterm elections. Here's how Republican candidates can play it, with minimal party damage incurred. [Slate]


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