* Barack Obama holds a secret meeting where his wife admits she's just as turned on by power as every other political spouse on the planet. [Hotline on Call]

* "Official" blogger of the George Allen campaign dispenses advice on how to relate to bloggers during an election. Entirety of his comments entered into "do not do" section of campaign mangers' brains. [Think Progress]

* Hillary Clinton continues taking little hush-hush baby steps towards a campaign EVERYONE KNOWS SHE'S RUNNING. [Hotline on Call]

* James Sensenbrenner's streak of plans which backfire in his face to remain intact as DC gets voting representation. [Political Insider]

* Not Newt Gingrich, but economics wunderkind and Angelina Jolie safari partner Jeffery Sachs will be swept into the White House by popular demand. [Freakonomics]

* In Alaska, there ain't much to do but take giant bong rips for Jesus, and screw. [Washington Wire]

* Something tells us the Mormon underwear jokes are going to be around for a while. [Rising Hegemon]

* Tom Friedman may be forced to lose the mustache in an attempt to hide from the mob that will be hunting the most " morally bankrupt public intellectual burdening this country." [Unclaimed Territory]


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