Rumors On The Internets: Bob Marley Used To Live In Delaware

* Things Joe Biden blames on Republicans: "Iraq, Venezuela, Katrina, what's gone down at Virginia Tech, Darfur, Imus." [Hotair]

* Vermont Senate takes full advantage of 4/20 holiday, votes to call on actual Senate to impeach you know who. [MoJo]

* Morgan Freeman and Barry Hussein are both reach-around guys. [Men's Vogue]

* A pair of administration flunkies get married for protection from prosecution and boring pasty sex. [The Hill]

* When even boy wonder Adam Putnam thinks you should resign - you should punch him in the face, and then resign. [Think Progress]

* Ted Stevens is mad pissed that his pork-laden mind didn't think of a Russia-Alaska subway first. [Spiegel]

* Rich Little is actually still alive, it's just his career that died. [CC Insider]

"Rumors On The Internets" whca "adam putnam" alaska weed "joe biden" "rich little"


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