Rumors on the Internets: Brits Are Saucy, Iraqis Are Unemployed, Malkin's Got a Camera

* If only Jude Law would sleep with a nanny in a gerrymandered district . . . [HuffPo]

* Future Iraqi Wal-Mart Super Center, this is your cue. [AMERICAblog]

* After a long day of terror plotting, extremists just want to kick back with a little XXX porn. [The Jawa Report]

* Everybody's buzzing about it. Michelle Malkin's starting a conservative video-blogging network. In related news, the Columbia School of Journalism has just violently imploded. [Michelle Malkin]

* According to complicated algorithms and several parabolic curves, Amnesty International shouldn't publish things where TI-83 users can find them. [Harry's Place]


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