Rumors On The Internets: Christopher Hitchens Knows More Cuss Words Than You And Is Happy To Prove It

  • No matter what she says, Cindy Sheehan has no, and will never have, a reason to go to Norway. [Sweetness & Light]

  • Christopher Hitchens has a disease, and the cure is a strict regimen of shut-the-fuck-up. [Ezra Klein]

  • "We may be looking at emerging evidence of a homosexual recruitment ring that operated on Capitol Hill." [Accuracy In Media]

  • Oh hell yeah, it's what we've been waiting for: $150,000 a year for being born American. U-S-A! U-S-A! [Hit & Run]

  • Pentagon reporters will get a mea culpa from Rumsfeld -- after they squeeze it from his cold dead lips. [Power Line]

  • White House thankful baseball players are lousy pilots, giving us a chance to show how "ready" America is to defend condos. [HuffPo]

  • Al Franken isn't even as funny as he looks. [Galley Slaves]

  • Terrorism confessions to surge as government now offers acid to detainees. [TPMMuckraker]

  • Bill O'Reilly, flag peddler, doesn't wear his own products and likes to keep his $1500 suits pinhole free while supporting the terrorists. [Media Matters]

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