Rumors on the Internets: Close Your Eyes -- It's Trite Out

* Jon Henke thinks the Dem's foreign policy prospectus, though a little cliche-happy, is a good start. [Q and O]

* David Mark believes you should be suspicious of investigation-wary Republicans. The war on terror has to be conducted legally -- right, guys? [JABBS]

* Arlen "Last Hope" Specter is called upon to make nice between W and the FISA court. [HuffPo]

* Enjoy the Rude One's congressional exposition: A group of senators ("whores") conducts a hearing ("whorefest") on lobbying ("whoring"). They must control lobbying ("whoring") activities, lest they get "fucked with a nine-iron." [The Rude Pundit]

* Paul Waldman breaks the news gently: the radical Right hates you. And unlike hate-spewing Lefties, these guys get what they want. [The Fly Trap]


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