Rumors On The Internets: Cry Me a Mystic River

  • Yesterday was godless Hollywood elite day on cable, as Clooney and Penn battled each other in depth of sincerity contest. [Think Progress; Newbusters]

  • The Nancy Grace award for "savage sadism" still searching for a recipient as vicious as the woman herself. [Andrew Sullivan]

  • Angelina Jolie's time is up and the UN needs a new pair of spokestitties for its High Council on Refugees. [Impeccableliberalcredentials]

  • Chuck Colson, as clueless about gays as he is about breaking into office buildings. [Good As You]

  • Meeting of the Non-Aligned Nations in Cuba this week bears no resemblance to the final scene of Team America: World Police, really. All photos courtesy of the CIA. [LGF]

  • Mayor of Gallatin, TN rents city hall out for porno film shoot that's not really porno, more like late night Spike TV. [Tennessean]

  • Unsurprisingly, the new "Night of Bush Capturing" terrorism simulation video game is pretty fun. [The Jawa Report]

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