• Bob Corker's new radio ad avoids confusion by playing an angelic chorus behind a reading of his bio and "jungle theme" tom tom drums during all mentions of Harold Ford. [Talk Left]

  • Ohio gubernatorial race gets Kity Harris CrazyTM as Republican candidate accuses Democrat of covering up a NAMBLA conspiracy among his staff. [Political Wire]

  • Harry Reid plans to spend election night in DC, already scouting backdrops for his "that's right bitches, we won" speechifying. [Hotline on Call]

  • Cardinals' pitcher Jeff Suppan to spin curveballs and anti-stem cell propaganda during tonight's World Series game. [Martini Republic]

  • Gay guidos rejoice as New Jersey upholds civil-unions. [Above the Law]

  • New blogger Chuck Norris wants everyone to know that he really loves Jesus, and shows that love the best way he knows how -- by kicking fucking ass. [World Net Daily]

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