Rumors On The Internets: Don't Be Yourself

* A primer for politicians on how to cover-up their humorless sycophantic nature for five minutes while on teevee. [Politico]

* It's impossible to read a Ted Kennedy post without hearing the slurring in your head. [HuffPo]

* Hillary campaign blogger's background is so top secret it doesn't even say "top secret" when Googled. [Election Central]

* Sean Hannity knows that "teachers are more dangerous than Al Qaeda." Stay tuned tonight to learn how kittens and their yarn balls are destroying American values. [Think Progress]

* The Politico says Barack and Michelle ("Barchelle") are as nice as those pretend colored people from The Cosby Show. [Politics.Wikia]

* Voters don't care if a President loves the cock, pretty adamant about loving the Jesus. [Political Arithmetik]

* In Connecticut, Christopher Dodd gets a silver medal for futility -- McCain takes Gold. [The Swamp]


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