Rumors On The Internets: Don't Forget to Light a Candle, Match

* New Fox show "Red Eye" gives the impression it came out of a brown eye. [Think Progress]

* "Getting kicked in the balls" now has a higher approval rating that you-know-who. [Radar]

* In case you hadn't heard already, Al Gore's announcing his candidacy at the Oscars, so watch if you care. [Intoxination]

* Somebody's got to take the "bucket of warm piss." [Political Insider]

* Republicans under FBI investigation losing their seats to Democrats? It's not just hazy memories of 2006--- the fun begins again in 2008! [Election Central]

* Happy fourth birfday to the bag of horseshit Colin Powell gave to the UN about Iraqi WMD. [Lawyers, Guns and Money]


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