Rumors On The Internets: Don't Hate the Playa, Hate the International Committee

* Start practicing your draft card burning now -- troop surge may include 48,000 new soldiers. [DefenseTech]

* All the Oscars and Nobel prizes in the world can't stop Al Gore from crying himself to sleep about the one that got away. [MoJo]

* Fuck it, nevermind: Limbaugh's up for a Nobel too. [Think Progress]

* If you love Jesus, you hate Alexandra Pelosi. It just has to be that way. [Pandagon]

* Luckily, mom has access to some armor-plated transport. Because if there's one thing about bible belts, it's that they usually have guns on them. [Captain's Quarters]

* Joe Biden is a racist marketing genius. [The Carpetbagger Report]

* Barack Obama's so open minded he even hires staffers who maxed out their contributions to Bush in 2004. [The Politico]

* Judith Miller had to go to jail all by her lonesome thanks to... Jason Blair. [Radar]


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