Rumors On The Internets: Drink Your Gin-and-Tonic-ah, Smoke Your-Marijuana-kah

* "George Jr." was too cool for Christmas cards long before he was too cool for facing political realities. [Daily Kos]

* The Inconvenient Truth parties taking place nationwide this weekend are a Godsend for those too nerdy to attend "ugly Christmas sweater" themed parties. [Washington Wire]

* OPEC celebrates Hanukkah by cutting oil production, "have eight crazy nights paying more for gas, bitches." [Freakonomics]

* Exciting conspiracy theorists everywhere, the 2008 Presidential election could be decided by a Jewish billionaire midget. [Political Insider]

* But that's fine, Americans are more tolerant than ever -- unless a candidate has worked for the Bush administration. Then they're fucked. [Political Wire]

* Fox News wants viewers to know that Tom DeLay isn't a has-been Congressmen, but an Exxxtreme! to the max conservative force. [C&L]

* "Americans fat, lonely, frequently injured by bikes." [MoJo Blog]


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