Rumors on the Internets: Earmark the Shit Out of This

  • Who is Muhammed Shahwani, how has he kept his job as head of Iraqi intelligence despite 2 changes of government? Maybe because the CIA funded his agency. [The Plank]

  • Iraq and Afganistan Veterans ask Rep. Curt Weldon to stop pissing on the troops. [Eschaton]

  • Andrew Sullivan looks ahead to this week's anniversary of the hangings of two gay Iranian teens. Asks human rights groups to remind us "of the remaining evil of Islamist tyranny, and the daily toll it takes on so many, especially women and gay men." [Andrew Sullivan]

  • HuffPo disses WashPo's Editorials on net neutrality, Iraq: "If there is credible evidence that al-Zarqawi personally masterminded the UN bombing and the massacre of Shi'ite worshippers, the Post should cite it. Otherwise, it should have learned its lesson about repeating Administration talking points without verification." [HuffPo]

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