Rumors On The Internets: Everybody's Fightin' For The Promised Land

  • Help support the GWOT by wearing a "Terrorists should die, ask me why" button. [IMAO]

  • Bush's approval rating: really, really, positively not related to congressional campaigns. Also, Gallup just makes that shit up. [Wizbang Politics]

  • It's official, Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. [Think Progress]

  • Peacekeeping forces in Lebanon to have guns that shoot out little flags with "Bang!" on them, so as not to upset any terrorist militias. [The QandO Blog]

  • Spanish and British mobs people are more racist than Americans. [La Shawn Barber's Corner]

  • Study finds that newspapers are more trusted than blogs. Trusted, but not actually read. [ E&P]

  • Don't worry, even if the "Stevens 'tube' bill" kills the internet, a new way to distribute porn will take it's place. [The Left Coaster]

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